Natural beauty in a historic setting

Over 75% of the population are now cremated, partly out of choice but mainly because of a lack of space for burials.

This has created a demand from families for an appropriate area dedicated to visiting and remembering their loved ones. However much the municipalities and local authorities have tried, there are few memorial spaces that are both appropriate and attractive.

Arley Gardens

Our Approach

The walls of the garden provide privacy and also contain niches, within which urns are located. This leaves the substantial internal space of the garden available for a wonderful design which can be appreciated as the seasons rotate.

Together, the tranquillity of the historic setting and the beauty of the garden provide an inspiring setting for celebration and commemoration.

This illustration shows the proposed wall elevation containing the niches where ashes are stored.
This illustration shows the wall elevation in more detail, together with detail of the newly built gates.

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